The wine village kitron

Kitron winery is a family winery located at the feet of the Galilee wine area. The combination of the power of nature and history of the area serve as the base of making a wine full of love precision and the joy of creation.

Harmony between progress and technology, to history and heritage. Between deep roots to a renewing present is the vision that guides the family.


The philosophy of production

Production by gravitation - unique in Israel and one of a few in the world. It is characterized by minimal human handling while using the power of nature combined with some of the best equipment in the world to comply with precise human handling. All these allow us to make quality wine. With out compromises and in small quantities.

Visitors center

The winery Is open to everyone. The guided tours we conduct open a window to our concept of the wine world. Our visitors come to know a unique production system- the gravitation. Each tour is a guided by one of the family members. It combines exposure to our vision of the wine world with wine tasting, tips about the right wine for different kind of dishes and general knowledge about wine. Every tour is an exciting experience allowing one to feel the uniqueness and precision in each wine and to experience our strong connection to Galilee and its long history.

Events in the wine village

The wine village was established on 30 dunam of vines, greenery, gravitation winery, a horse farm and a museum. In the village there are several different areas in which events can be celebrated in any season of the year in and outdoors. The unique surroundings allow for an event with the power of nature, a rural atmosphere with the intoxicating smell of wine and a connection to every ones roots, giving a unique value experience of once in a life time.

The family wines

The winery wines are produced in a unique manner combining tradition with advanced technology. The wines grow in small plots of ground. The grapes are picked manually and the aging is done in New French oak barrels. The procedure goes on for 5 years and is done with great love and a strong connection to earth and its fruit.