Events in the wine village

The village is located in close proximity to the Husaya, village, which lies at the feet of the galilee wine area. The power of nature, the exciting history. Unique buildings, the views of the galilee and the philosophy of production which is one of its kind in Israel and one of few in the world, all together create harmony between the ancient and the area while emphasizing professionalism, precision and aesthetics. The planning of the village was done by an American company which specializes in gravitational wineries. The company planned the village for four years with great care to details Targeting to produce a magical unique experience. Incorporating, power, spirit knowledge and nature.

The village has a number of areas for events, each has different characteristics which fit indoor or outdoor evets in any kind of weather conditions. This allows you to plan a unique exciting experience. In each event you will get a professional detailed tour by one of the family members including the story of the family and the vision behind the wine village. The unique production philosophy the historical back round and the significance of Kitron, which is Ziphory. The great archeological value of the area which is entwined into the wine and the family heritage. To complete the picture we will end with a professional wine tasting of the kitron wines, as they evolved during the years.


as to make sure things go as planned in the high standards which characterized Kitron wine village.

Private events

Exclusive special events made to suit the requests of the customer. The village suggest a great variety of events. All events take place in a rural ,calm, pastoral atmosphere in any area you choose. We invite you to celebrate with us: weddings, birthdays and any exciting events. We have one event a time, allowing for privacy and intimacy.

Business events

The unique calm atmosphere of the village makes it an ideal place for organization and company get togethers. The location is central and accessible ,but far away from the pressure of the work environment. In the farm we can conduct business events of different kinds: far well parties, days of fun and bonding, company nights, board meeting in a different atmosphere, conferences and other types of get together. 

All the events are conducted in the spirit of the place, surrounded by the winery, yards, the view of the Galilee , natural vegetation and the smell of wine. 

Events in the wine village allow an escape from the daily routine to open spaces and to nature, these influence the dynamics of the organization, producing an open pleasant atmosphere which contributes to the company bonding.

We have many possibilities of fun days and workshop activities. We would be happy to produce a unique varied day in nature to suit the needs of each company. 

Days of fun and entertainment in the wine village kitron are suitable for groups, families and organizations . Each event has privacy, as we do not conduct two events at the same time. Thus the events are of high professional standard allowing privacy and intimacy.