The wine village Kitron

Two sacred values are kept while making wine in

KITRON WINERY: Tradition and paying respect to the terroir.

The wine village Kitron

KITRON WINERY- Our winery is a family winery located in the Galilee wine country.

Power of nature together with exciting Jewish history and the love of our family for wine, are the basis for producing high quality wine, precise and full of joy of creation.

The Winery is a Gravitation Winery, using Gravity of Nature. Thus, we follow our ancestors the rabbis of the Mishna and the Talmud who produced wine in the same method 1600 years ago, here in Tzipory, where we are located nowadays.

We also combine these traditional methods with “State of the art” technologies. This is how we can produce small, precise quantities of very high quality wine.


Our Vineyards are located n the Golan Heights and Upper Galilee which are best wine regions for growing grapes in Israel. Selecting most suitable grape kinds, growing them meticulously and understanding the Terroir are regarded by us as superior value.
Grapes are harvested in the middle of the night and are transferred immediately to a double manual sorting which ensures the perfection of the bunches of grapes and preserves the special flavors and aroma in each grape in the best possible way.


In order to preserve the natural optimal process of wine aging, from the stage of fermentation to the storage in a rock-hewn cellar, we use unique wooden barrels. Our red wines pass a long aging period in prime French Oak barrels and then another long aging period in bottles before going to the market.

FAMILY WINERY– Only family members work in the winery. We accompany the whole five years process from the very beginning when the vine is planted, thru arrival of the bunch of grapes to the winery and the bottling of the wine. This symbiotic process enables us to successfully put in the wine we produce our faith and family values – aesthetics, precision, delicacy, harmony, patience and meticulousness,
This is what has been done since the first harvest in 2006 and this is how we continue.